SocialOS API | Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

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PeopleBrowsr's core technology, SocialOS, empowers individuals, government and enterprise to rapidly build vertical social networks and innovative Social Apps infused with blockchain.
Trusted by major banks and governments, SocialOS integrates with the apps you love in the environments you depend on with state of the art security.
Integrations with Stellar, Ethereum, POA and Loom blockchains simplify DApp setup.

SocialOS is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred NFTs, and Kred Domains.

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The SocialOS Widget is an application and set of APIs that support embedding any SocialOS content into your existing website.

The APIs provide for:

  • Content selection from Grabs, Feeds, Rewards, and Kred
  • Signup, login and session management
  • User engagement including posting, comments, likes, voting, and media handling
  • Custom formatting via templates, CSS, and Javascript

A prebuilt collection of widgets is provided, including:

  • Grab content
  • Feedback
  • Photo gallery
  • Forums
  • Kred activity
  • Engagement
  • Radial menu

Any widget can be viewed as an in-page element, as a standalone app using JavaScript or IFRAME elements, as an RSS feed, or as a REST API returning JSON data for integration into other applications.

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