Meteor is a modern web framework based on Node.js that lets developers
write both server and client code in Javascript.

With the SocialOS Node.js and Javascript client libraries you can
bring your Meteor site to life, integrating into dozens of social network
platforms, CRMs, payment and notification systems with a single simple

API calls can be made from the server, the client, or in any combination
as your application requires.

Feed your users' content and posts into Kred Social Scoring,
bring your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other content into
your site, and integrate instantly with web forums, CRM platforms like
Hubspot, and payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal.

Supported social media and communication feeds include:

For business users, SocialOS supports payment notifications and webhook
integration, including data from:

In addition, SocialOS can import data from any website or application
supporting an RSS feed, including leading news and financial
organisations, or in a standardised format via REST API, Webhook, or
streaming over Websockets.

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