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Relationship Database

The SocialOS Relationship Database provides a multi-model view of social
relationships and engagement. The database is:

  • Relational - it allows for querying relationships with respect to any
    given user or community, or to the relationships of that user or
  • Searchable - all fields within the database are indexed and queryable
    by full-text search.
  • Traversable - the database supports graph traversal for finding
    higher-order relations and connection paths.
  • Real-time - all the data in the Relation Database is is updated live
    as the data flows through the SocialOS APIs and feeds.

The Relationship Database supports both pre-defined and application-specific
relations, including:

  • Friends
  • Followers
  • Connections
  • Contacts
  • Engagement
  • Members
  • Leaders

Advanced queries support grouping and searching relations:

  • Friends and followers in common
  • Friends in (or not in) a community
  • People you know
  • Filtering by location, industry, and interests

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Relationship Database

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