Conversation Stream (Grab™)

Grabs find and filter the content you're most interested in. Select information by tag, location, topic, or community, filter by sentiment and engagement, eliminate spam and automated and low-quality posts, so that you are always presented with the highest-quality streams. Grab rules include:

  • Source
  • Engagement (likes, reposts, comments, shares)
  • Location (country, state, city)
  • Language
  • Tags and keywords
  • Media attachments and links
  • Profanity, spam, and bot detection
  • Sentiment and relevance
  • Rate
  • Age

Once a Grab is created, it can easily be refined, cloned, shared, and integrated with other applications.

  • Clone and modify a Grab.
  • Automatically create focused child Grabs, narrowing focus from a parent by location or keyword.
  • Review and reward user engagement with the Reward Center.

Sharing and Integration

  • Grab API supports REST and RPC queries returning JSON data.
  • Grab Widget embeds directly into your web pages to present your selected content to your users, and manage user logins and engagement.
  • Grab RSS feeds support delivering your content to any application supporting the RSS standard.
  • Grab iOS app supports on-the-go management of your content and engagement.

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