Kred provides a universal engine for measuring and
tracking engagement and managing social gamification.
Across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
and other social media applications, communication tools like
Slack, and extending to any site or application that can provide
an RSS feed, Websocket stream, or Webhook notifications,
Kred maintains real-time engagement information for over 700 million
social profiles and over 9 billion recent interactions.

When new information is ingested into Kred, it automatically:

  • Creates new social profiles for any entities not previously seen.
  • Tracks and scores engagement between profiles, by influence
    (how much others talk about you),
    and outreach (how much you talk about others).
  • Determines topics and tracks engagement by topic.
  • Parses biographical information and interests to assign social
    profiles to the most relevant communities, and tracks engagement
    by community.
  • Tracks trending profiles, topics and communities.
  • Tracks the top profiles within each community by
    influence and outreach, keeping a real-time leaderboard of the top 1000
    members in each community.

Interactions directly with Kred and SocialOS applications can earn the
user virtual currency, including Kred's own KPOPs. The virtual currency
engine supports the creation of arbitrary application-specific currencies
for rewarding your own users.

Kred interactions and scores can be public or private, depending on your needs.

Kred provides both REST and RPC APIs for working with data.

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