SocialOS API | Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

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PeopleBrowsr's core technology, SocialOS, empowers individuals, government and enterprise to rapidly build vertical social networks and innovative Social Apps infused with blockchain.
Trusted by major banks and governments, SocialOS integrates with the apps you love in the environments you depend on with state of the art security.
Integrations with Stellar, Ethereum, POA and Loom blockchains simplify DApp setup.

SocialOS is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred NFTs, and Kred Domains.

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SocialOS provides extensive tools for social profile management, allowing
you to tailor your users' experience specifically for them, providing them
with a distinct, unique online identity.

  • Personas provide domain-specific public information about the user- what
    they want to present to others, and how they want it presented.
  • Kred tracks social interaction and engagement in real-time, expanding users'
    local profile to include their whole social world. Users can select
    which of their social identities are integrated with Kred, and which identities
    are linked to their public persona.
  • Grabs gather and share the user's posts, friends, and interests, and can
    be customised in any way the user can think of.
  • Widgets allow the user to choose precisely which information they want to
    display on their Identity page, how to present it, and how other users can
    engage with their content.

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