SocialOS API | Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

Build vertical social networks and collaborative apps infused with blockchain

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PeopleBrowsr's core technology, SocialOS, empowers individuals, government and enterprise to rapidly build vertical social networks and innovative Social Apps infused with blockchain.
Trusted by major banks and governments, SocialOS integrates with the apps you love in the environments you depend on with state of the art security.
Integrations with Stellar, Ethereum, POA and Loom blockchains simplify DApp setup.

SocialOS is part of the Kred Developer Ecosystem, including Kred Scores, Kred NFTs, and Kred Domains.

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SocialOS provides the intelligence you need to make sense out of any data. Score, analyse, filter, and route messages, detect and tract trends, identify and engage influencers, and automate your workflows.

  • Grabs find and filter the content you're most interested in. Select information by tag, location, topic, or community, filter by sentiment and engagement, eliminate spam and automated and low-quality posts, so that you are always presented with the highest-quality streams. Grab rules include:

    • Source
    • Engagement (likes, reposts, comments, shares)
    • Location (country, state, city)
    • Language
    • Tags and keywords
    • Media attachments and links
    • Profanity, spam, and bot detection
    • Sentiment and relevance
  • Filters accept content from any source and selectively route it to where it's needed - grabs, streams, inboxes, and alerts.

  • Triggers take action automatically on live content and user interaction. Send notifications via email or messaging, make API calls within SocialOS or to third-party platforms.

  • Stats objects gather statistical information about the content fed to them, rather than simply collecting the content itself. Stats objects can be used to automatically analyse and report activity and trends.

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